HY 80 / 100 Steels

Diversified Metals is the largest stocking distributor of HY 80 and HY 100 steels in North America.


HY 100 Steel


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HY 100 Steel

HY 100 is a high yield steel with minimum yield strength of 100 ksi. While many steels offer high yield strength, HY 100 steel also offers exceptionally high impact strength as well. This combination makes HY 100 unique among steels. This material is used extensively in marine defense and petrochemical applications.

Diversified Metals is the largest stocking distributor of HY 100 and HY 100 in North America; stocking a full line of round stock, while also offering gun drilled tubing, high strength HY100 tubing and HY100 high pressure steel tubing.

Certified to the MIL-S-21952 C/D and T9074-BD-GIB-010/0300

HY steel is also available in ID/OD Tubing up to 22' length. Contact us with your requirements. 

UNS# K32045


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