We presented this years Pro Am donation at a recent Shriner’s Hospital board meeting.  Representing Diversified Metals at the presentation was Owner Ken Hamel, National Sales Manager Joe Trosky and Marketing Coordinator Ashley Goulet. Bill Plant and Tommy DiRico from Quaboag Country Club, which Hosted this year’s Pro Am, were also in attendance. Thank you to the many Local businesses who so generously gave for this worthy cause. We managed to surpass our goal of 20,000 by raising over 24,000 dollars and the Hospital is moving forward with it’s construction of the new EOS Imaging system. With this new imaging system the Shriners Hospital will be able to perform the necessary repeated X-ray check ups for children with skeletal and muscular abnormalities in a faster and safer way. The EOS system offers:

  • Up to 90% exposure dose reduction.
  • Unique dynamic range, enabling outstanding image quality.
  • Biplane acquisition of the patient in weight bearing/seated position.
  • One contiguous long length digital X-ray image, no sticking.
  • Total exam cycle below 4 minutes even for complex spine or full body exams.

It is so exciting to be part of such an amazing innovation that will be touching so many lives.

for more information on the EOS system vist:  EOS                                      #Shriners Hospitals

check-presentation-cropIn this picture (back row left to right)  is Bill Plant and Tommy DiRico from Quaboag Country Club, which Hosted this year’s Pro Am. Representing Diversified Metals (Left front to right) Marketing Coordinator Ashley Goulet, National Sales Manager Joe Trosky and Owner Ken Hamel. The gentleman from Shriners is Steve Behe, Chairman of the Board of Governors.

Many local businesses donated this year and we were so pleased to see such a response. Some of our top sponsors this year were Electralloy, Monson Savings Bank, William Roberts Electric Co., George Radner Co., Lumbard Funeral Home, People’s United Bank, Sanderson MacLeod and Kerrie Baldwing DeRosier From Paint Night with KK. A large amount was raised by two employees of DMI (Dan Hamel and Andrew Mesheau) that played Marathon golf the weekend before the Pro Am and played from sun up to 5:00 pm. In keeping with the theme of charity Frank Leja donated his prize money from the Pro Am back to the Shriners!

We are so glad to have such a wonderful community of generous people to be working and living with.