Your company’s products are highly specialized, so you deserve the most specialized metals not just on the market, but on the planet. By taking the time to customize your specific materials, you can create products that are more efficient, higher quality, and unlike any other on the market. Here at Diversified Metals, we want to help you achieve this level of expertise, and we offer a wide range of stainless steel and nickel alloys, including K400 and K500.

Our line of monel alloys boasts the same level of quality as all of our alloyed metals. Whether you are looking for a K400 or K500 metal, we are happy to review our stocked alloys with you. And if you do not see what you are looking for, we can create a specialty order for you.

K400 Monel: A Durable Multi-Industry Solution
Monel alloys are nickel-copper alloys that contain approximately 30% copper. These materials have high corrosion resistance, alkali resistance, high mechanical strength, flexible ductility, and affordability. This makes these metals ideal for marine uses, since they hold up well in seawater and other harsh environments. They are also widely used in chemical engineering, energy processing, valves and pipes, and heating applications.

Some of our most popular stocked monel alloys include:

  • K400: This alloy can resist harsh chemicals such as hydrofluoric acid and fluorine. Its corrosion resistance helps this material behave well in alkaline environments. This makes it appropriate for marine and chemical industries.
  • K500: Monel K500 is also corrosion resistant, performing well in salt water and chemical processes. This material is often found in energy plants, chemical manufacturing, and marine and naval equipment.

With a strict quality control process, Diversified Metals will ensure that you are getting the best possible alloys for your purposes. For more information on our stocked and specialty metals, contact us today. You can also browse a selection of products and request a quote. We are looking forward to working with you.