Specs: ASTM-B-171, QQ-B-639, ASTM-B-21, ASTM B124, QQ-B-637, AMS 4611
UNS#: C46400

Naval Brass C46400 is an alloy that consists primarily of Copper and Zinc, with up to 1% Tin. Naval brass 46400 provides a high degree of corrosion resistance to seawater at even higher than normal temperatures, while also assuring greater strength and rigidity. It possesses an excellent capacity for hot working and adapts well for hot forging and pressing. This Naval Brass also lends itself to drawing, forming, bending, and heading. It is readily soldered, brazed, and welded.

Diversified Metals maintains one of the most comprehensive stocking programs of Naval Brass in the country, which includes round bar and hexagon bar sizes.

Available Shapes