Specs: QQ-B-750, MIL-T-21014, ASTM-B-777, ASTM-B-702, ASTM-B-139
Tungsten is a naturally occurring rare element known by the name of Wolfram.  In raw form it is very brittle but becomes quite workable once purified. Methods of working can be: forging, drawing or extruding. Tungsten alloys can also be made through a process called sintering.

Tungsten is most often alloyed with other metals to meet specific needs. One example is tungsten copper which is created for its heat and ablation resistance. Tungsten copper is easily machined and both thermally and electrically conductive making it great for electro-chemical machining and electric resistance welding. Common applications of tungsten copper are electrical contacts and heat sinks.

At Diversified Metals Inc. we have American sourced tungsten which makes it compliant with the new Unite States Code Section 2533c and available for use in all government and military applications.


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