Special Order Alloys

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Aluminum Alloys
Aluminum Alloy 1100
Aluminum Alloy 2014
Aluminum Alloy 2024
Aluminum Alloy 5052
Aluminum Alloy 5083
Aluminum Alloy 6061
Aluminum Alloy 6063
Aluminum Alloy 7075
Aluminum Alloy C63020
Aluminum Alloy C61300
Aluminum Alloy C63010

Bronze Bearing Alloys
Aluminum Bronze 95400
Aluminum Bronze 95500
Aluminum Bronze 95800
Bronze Alloy 93200
High-Leaded Tin Bronze 93200
High-Leaded Tin Bronze 93400
Leaded Tin Bronze 92200
Manganese Bronze 86300
Silicon Bronze C64700

Copper Alloys
Oxygen Free Copper Alloy 10200
Oxygen Free Electronic Copper Alloy 10100
Phosphorus Deoxidized High Residual 12200
Phosphorus Deoxidized Low Residual 12000
Busbar C11000

Copper Nickel Alloy
Copper Nickel 90-10 Alloy
Copper Nickel C70260
Copper Nickel CW112C
Copper Nickel C70600

Copper Zinc (Brass)
Architectural Brass 38500
Cartridge Brass 26000
Commercial Bronze 22000
Free Cutting Brass 36000
Copper Zinc CC762S
Copper Zinc CW700R (Tungum)

Copper Zinc – Tin Brasses
Tin Brass 46200
Tin Brass 48500

Manganese Copper Zinc
Leaded Silicon Manganese Bronze 67300
Manganese Bronze 67500

Phosphor Bronze
Phosphor Bronze C52100
Phosphor Bronze C54400
Phosphor Bronze C51900
Phosphor Bronze CC481K

Special Alloys
Special Alloy 52100
Special Maraging Alloy 250
Special Maraging Alloy 300
Special Molybdenum Alloy
Special Rene 41 Alloy
Special Tool Steel H11 Alloy
Special Tool Steel H13 Alloy
Special Tool Steel M 50 Alloy
Special Tungsten Alloy
Special Waspalloy Alloy

Stainless Steel
Nitric 50
Stainless Steel 13-8
Stainless Steel 302
Stainless Steel 304 cond. A
Stainless Steel 309
Stainless Steel 310
Stainless Steel 316
Stainless Steel 317
Stainless Steel 347
Stainless Steel 403
Stainless Steel 410
Stainless Steel 416
Stainless Steel 418
Stainless Steel 422
Stainless Steel 430
Stainless Steel 430F
Stainless Steel 431
Stainless Steel 440A
Stainless Steel 440C

Super and Nickel Alloys
Alloy X
Haynes 188 Alloy
Kovar Alloy
Nickel Alloy X750
Nickel Alloy 200
Nickel Alloy 600
Nickel Alloy 718

Commercially Pure Titanium Alloy
Titanium 5AL-2.5SN Alloy
Titanium 6AL-4V Alloy
Titanium 6AL-4V ELI Alloy
Titanium 8AL-1MO-1V Alloy

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